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DJ Orion9 is based in SE Asia and Europe.

To understand the name "Orion9" it is necessary to dig a bit into the ancient world and the world of mysticism. The Orion constellation is a pattern of stars that is repeated in monuments throughout the ancient world, from Egypt, India, Sumer all the way to Mexico. I has been very important to these ancient civilizations and somehow this importance is linked to where we came from and probably where we’re going. The number "9" as mystical number is often called the key to our universe, if you are interested, you should google it :-)

My musical work consists of various music genres out of the big "house music" family, including styles like "tech house", "deep house", "funky house" and "vocal house", with progressive and acid elements.
As DJ I put great value in smooth but engergetic house vibes that gives the crowd (including myself) a happy, energetic and loving feeling.
My passion for techno and house music started as early as in the early 1990ies, when this kind of music was preliminary played secretly in "underground". In those days I experimented with house and acid beats on the formerly popular Atari-Computer. In the late 90ies I started as a house-DJ playing in formerly famous venues like the Club "Meierei" and the "Palais Eschenbach" in Vienna (Austria).

Living in Frankfurt (Germany) for the past 18 years - one of the worlds techno and house hotspots - and having over 25 years of extensive party-experience, from house to techno and everything in between, gave me a pretty good feeling for the greatest vibes in that genre.

House music energizes me and charges me, when listening to it.

I was always interested in many things in my life, which means I made a creative break from being a DJ in the year 2000, finished my PhD in law, worked in the finance-sector for over 4 years, after which I became and entrepreneur and founded my first internet-startup in Austria followed by a second startup in 2007, then based in Germany (both successful until today). Having done that, I realize that my passion actually hasn´t changed much, it is still house music. That´s why I created Orion9 and dedicated myself from 2018 on to music again. Since then I was honored to play in several venues in Frankfurt (Germany), Ibiza (Spain), Bangkok (Thailand) .. and I´m hungry for more.

If house is a nation .. I wanna be president!